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#393709 - So here she was, a middle aged woman with grown children, having a wonderful dinner with a man less than half her age!!! To make matters even more interesting, Doug had a habit of touching Missy's hand when he was making a point in conversation, and even though she would never admit it, she couldn't help but feel electricity sparking through her body at his mere touch!!! Receiving the undivided attention of a handsome twenty year old was an unbelievable ego booster for a fifty something married woman, and much to her chagrin, she began to flirt shamelessly with her young seat mate! After a final glass of wine, the two of them returned to their seats and settled down for the evening. Missy Edwards stared out the window and marveled at the Nevada scenery! Unbelievable, she mumbled to herself, as the landscape of rock, desert, and mountains flew by while she relaxed in comfort on the Amtrak super liner. They continued to watch the scenery fly by, occasionally commenting on s

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