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#102098 - ” She smirked, “Which I guess is what I’ve turned her into. ” Willow shut the door behind her and walked forward, the room's lights were on as Louise liked to watch what she was doing and Willow couldn’t help but admire the bottom girl's figure, so small and slender but with an ass that was practically sculpted to be fuckable. ” Louise smirked, “Course when, ooh, Brandon found out I had a dick he freaked… But that was fine, I told him if he didn’t do exactly as I told him I’d return the favour and bang his mom instead! It started out simple, fuck, you know, touching, sucking, fucking, then came the hormones, the diets, the workouts, before Brandon knew it, Brenda was born.

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I do not wanna see another garbage hentai like this this shit is not porn
She pissed on him