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#272600 - Isabella had just moved into her new neighborhood with her parents and the family dog,they came all the way from kentucky so this city life was new to her the people the way they talked and even dressed for that matter. beep,beep,beepthe alarm sounded at 6am uggh i just wanna sleep please mom 5 more minutes,belle whined so she hit snooze and fell back off asleep GET UP RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY U ARE GOING TO BE LATE!!her mother shouted,okay okay so isabelle hurried up and got dressed and run out the door only to find that she had missed the bus so she walked about 6 blocks until she got there,she heard the first bell of the morning ring so once again she took off running and BAM ran right into this guy oh im so sorry she told him no no its my fault here let me halp u with those,he answered. she was always the cut off jeans and tank top kinda girl,but here they were so dressed you could say,so she helped her family unpack and get then she went upstair to get her things situated befo

Read Latina BRICOLA 7 H na Wakazuma Orihime-san - Bleach Interview BRICOLA 7 H na Wakazuma Orihime-san

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