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#103223 - While we were laying there I started to ask her the question but as I was about to she stoped me and asked mewould you want to do it with me,my eyes immediately got wide and I started to say hell yeah,but I thought about it and instead saidwhy do you ask?She started to blush and replied I dont know. But as I got older and my hormones started to kick in I started to notice how hot she really was. I maintained a unhardend penis because even though she was hot as hell and I wanted to be able to fuck her she was my cousin and i did not want her to notice and over react Later when we reached home she asked me Jason can I play your playstation I said sure why not Brooke Just seeing her walk made my penis hard for a 14 year old ,it was about average 6 to 6 and a half inches but good enough.

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