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#284198 - Emily looked to me and said “Well dad, now your turn” I stood and stripped, when Jenny saw my cock she gasped and asked if all men had cocks as big as mine, I’m no bigger than 7 ½ inches, the others giggled and told her some had bigger cock’s, I sat down and they started the lap dancing again, but taking things a little further, Jody was first and she set the barrier, she would giggle her tits in front of me and swing her hips, then she turned and almost sat on my lap and she brushed her ass across my erection, then she reached back and took my cock and she did sit down, feeding my cock into her pussy, seconds later she stood and one of the others danced before me, she too sat on my lap taking my cock into her pussy, when it was Emily’s turn I could see the look on the others face’s, I could see they were wondering if she would do as they had. He drink started to take effect on the girls and they started flirting a little with me, then Jenny said, we should thank Dave for this, but

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