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#74130 - A few days at least later, So the Doc said I can start to use my new pussy in a few days, it's been a few days Mike said looking across to Steve from the bed in Steve's house, Steve looking back at him, You mean you and me, here, now? Steve asked, Sure why not?, isn't that why you told the Doc to do the pussy first? Mike replied as he dropped his pants to show his friend his new pussy, So you want to try me out? Mike asked while starting to rub it, Sure, Ill give you a test run, Ill probably wind up giving you a last fuck before the spit anyway Steve replied as he removed his clothes and joined mike on the bed, It’s a little weird for me to keep thinking of you as a guy, we should give you a girls name since you are technically not a guy anymore Steve said as he got between Mike's legs and started to enter his pussy, I been thinking about that too Mike said as he felt Steve thrust into him and bury his cock into his pussy, OHHH, it hurts but feels rea

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