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#227142 - Pats reached her peak and started fucking up onto Bazz’s cock and as her milking pussy took him over the edge she kissed him hard until he pushed his tongue into her mouth as he blew his third load for the day into her. Pat had started wearing super short skirts and halter tops around and it was quite common to see her knickers if she bent over slightly, Her unrestrained breasts would sway enticingly and everyone could see she was not wearing a bra, she loved the attention. [you can read more about Chris in the Bernadette story] Pat was quite shocked by the quickness of it all and turned to me questioningly saying “What the fuck?” I said “Pat, remember us telling you about Colin and Chris, well this is Chris” “Oh” she said “the guy who pulls himself several times a day?” “Yeh, sorry about that, I didn’t see him until its too late and he only lasts a few seconds when he whips it out” I replied.

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Asahi serizawa
She is so perfect
Ryotaro dojima
Love the double ballgag