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#100049 - “I haven’t a clue how to do this” said Carl as I got the girls into a kneeling position on the sofa side by side with their arms on the sofa back and their asses thrust back, I squeezed a big dollop of KY gel onto each of their assholes and began to slowly finger fuck the kY gel into Jenny, Carl was now following suit with Debbie, the girls were obviously enjoying it , offering encouragement, both of whom were occasionally pinching their nipples or rubbing their clits as we worked our fingers deeper into their butts, I added more KY to each of the girls and rubbed a big dollop onto my cock end, as did Carl, then together we pressed our cocks against the respective butt holes and after a little resistance in they went and then we fucked the shit out of them, both of us coming deep in their asses, the girls were working their pussies with their fingers and they too came noisily. After a few more minutes she got up and went to shower accompanied by the other girls who had been watching

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Kyouko toshinou
This hentai made my pussy so wet
Satone shichimiya
Hot love playing with my mans balls too